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Trench excavation in Pinetown/New Germany

Commuters, residents and business owners in the Qashana Khuzawyo Road area in Pinetown/ New Germany are advised of that a new 1 metre wide trench is being excavated along Qashana Khuzwayo Rd from Regent Street to Blasé Road.

Existing essential services (such water, electricity, fibre optic cables, sewage etc) currently run under the future GO!Durban dedicated bus lane, and in an attempt to remove all live services from under this lane, a new set of services will be laid along this route in this excavation.

A trench will be excavated along the length of the North side of the parking area between Blasé Road and Regent Street next to the newly constructed road edge and Loffelstein wall.

The contractor will endeavour to minimize the impact of this work on the parking areas in the vicinity. Public are advised to use the West side parking area (from KFC to the BP Garage), if parking is congested from Regent Street to Blase Road.

This excavation work is expected to last two months.

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