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Progress update

The construction of the Integrated Rapid Transport Network (IRPTN) through Pinetown, an initiative by the eThekwini Municipality to provide a public transport system for the citizens of Durban, is advancing well. Part of the construction of this IRPTN requires the widening of St Johns Bridge in Josiah Gumede Road.

People traveling past the bridge will see how the new bridge, which will include a new single point intersection on top and the IRPTN going through underneath, is taking shape.The construction team has for long periods battled to relocate existing services that are sometimes eighty years old.

The underpass (Old Main Rd) was narrowed to allow one IRPTN lane in each direction which will be dedicated for the Go!Durban busses. The bridge deck was widened by approximately 15m on each side to accommodate the extra lanes that will be required. Service ducts to accommodate existing and future services have been installed already. New precast concrete barriers are being installed on the new retaining walls. Sections of the road have been built with new selected layers, sub base and base course. Divider kerbs which will be separating the busses from other public road users are being installed. New kerbs and channels with neat sidewalks will finish off the high quality road. Stormwater lines have been laid in difficult conditions between all these services to ensure proper drainage of the new roads.

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