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New station designed around historical trees

GO!Durban, the Ethekwini Municipality’s new Integrated Rapid Public Transport Network (IRPTN) is currently under construction in Pinetown. As part of developing a station and a dedicated bus median on Josiah Gumede Road, thirteen beautiful trees were originally earmarked to be removed. The Ethekwini Transport Authority,  however, through its consulting teams engaged with the National Heritage Council, AMAFA and several other role players and stakeholders to find a solution to save these trees.

The IRPTN layout and location of the station was duly revised and the end result is that eleven trees will be saved. Two Natal Fig trees in front of the Library on Josiah Gumede will unfortunately have to be removed in the weeks to come to create space for these dedicated bus lanes and station.

For the official press release please visit: http://godurban.co.za/category/media/

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