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Additional construction work at Lenham/Longbury Drive and phoenix highway intersection

Motorists, commuters, public transport operators and residents in and around
Phoenix are advised of additional work to the current Phoenix Highway and
Lenham/Longbury Drive intersection construction work.

The additional work is on the south and north bound right hand side. This is to allow essential
construction work on the GO!Durban C9 route from May to 30 June 2022. Motorists travelling South from Phoenix Plaza, as they approach Phoenix Highway and Longbury Drive/Lenham intersection are requested to exercise caution as this is where a significant deviation to road lanes will be experienced on the south bound lane.




ETA teams up with Operation Good Hope and cleans up Pinetown taxi ranks

eThekwini Transport Authority (ETA) along with other City departments tapped into the Operation Good Hope initiative, focused on the cleanliness of taxi rank facilities to improve the service offering by the taxi industry and service attractiveness for the commuters. The campaign runs from 7– 11 March.

Operation Good Hope is an ongoing programme that was initiated to address backlog and service delivery issues, particularly in CBDs, secondary CBDs, and townships around the City.

Coordinated by Area Based Management Unit (ABM), the clean-up team includes, ETA, South African National Taxi Association (SANTACO), Durban Solid Waste (DSW), Electricity Department, Parks and Recreation, Roads and Stormwater and Metro Police joined hands and dedicated two days of the Pinetown operation to cleaning Taxi ranks.

With a key focus of ensuring cleanliness of taxi ranks, clean-up operations included, unblocking storm water drains, high pressure cleaning, litter picking, street sweeping, cleaning of ablution and weed removal. Additionally, municipal by-law compliance checks were conducted with traders operating in taxi ranks.

ETA Head, Thami Manyathi said the joint venture with Operation Good Hope came about after engagements with SANTACO aimed at addressing public transport issues. “After an in-depth inspection between our officials and SANTACO assessing challenges faced by taxi operators and commuters this clean-up operation was one of our responses. The clean-up is in addition to the standard continuous cleaning conducted by the ETA.

This is not a first for ETA, we conducted a clean-up operation in Pinetown late last year and we envisage to do more to ensure safe and clean spaces for our commuters. Furthermore, in an effort of creating an improved overall public transport system and responding to the needs on the ground, we are adjusting our public transport plan to ensure that challenges raised by our stakeholders are addressed,” said Manyathi. SANTACO’s Durban West Region representative Petros Shezi said, “We are pleased that the City is addressing our needs on the ground by keeping the rank facilities clean. Feedback from our commuters has been positive and their experience has improved. We hope to continue working together with the municipality in improving our public transport. We also urge our commuters to do their bit and keep the facilities clean”.




KwaDabeka Cycle Academy’s new mural inspires youth

The GO!Durban Cycle Academy in KwaDabeka has been revamped with a piece of art thanks to a coach with many talents.

Academy bike coach Ayanda Cele put his skills to the test and painted a wall mural on the classroom wall used for school homework tutorials by young bikers. Cele said he started studying Fine Art at the Durban University of Technology but did not complete his studies due to personal circumstances.

“When an opportunity arose to decorate the class, I took it. It also put me to the test personally because I have not done art in a long time. Once I received the brief, I explored my creativity as an artist and when the mural turned out so well, I gave myself a pat on the back,” he said.

The mural is inspired by the environment in the Academy and its surroundings. This includes the pump track, Dumisani Makhaye Bridge, uMgeni River and the mountains and lush fields.

“Management were impressed with my work and there is a possibility of painting murals in classrooms at the three other cycle academies. I enjoy being part of the Academy as there is a holistic programme on site for kids, focusing on their development and wellness as a whole,” he said.

The Academy was launched in 2016 as a joint initiative between eThekwini Transport Authority and Green Corridors.

In addition to youth and sports development, the GO!Durban Cycle Academy bike parks protect and  maintain valuable green spaces throughout the metropole – a further testament to the efforts of all partners involved to achieve a more sustainable and liveable City in line with the National Development Plan 2030 vision.