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GO!Durban moves ahead in 2015

The eThekwini Municipality’s GO!Durban (IRPTN) Integrated Rapid Public Transport Network, possibly one of the largest service delivery projects in the transport sector ever undertaken in South Africa “will continue to progress at a rapid pace in 2015,” says Head of the eThekwini Transport Authority, Thami Manyathi.

GO!Durban began rolling out major milestones in 2014 which included the awarding of five major construction tenders, the signing of an MOA with the leadership of the mini-bus taxi industry, the unveiling of the project’s Empowerment Charter, the launch of the city’s NMT (Non-Motorised Transport Network), the consolidation of the cashless MUVO smartcard system, engagements with community stakeholders, businesses and the eThekwini citizens, as well as the launch of a mobile marketing bus and other key brand awareness events.

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