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Safety and security

To become the most liveable city in Africa, GO!Durban needs to redefine what the Durban public currently think of public transport, and cultivate a safe environment for its passengers. To ensure that all safety measures and precautions are of a high standard, GO!Durban has consulted reputable transport network planners from across the globe.

The GO!Durban transport network will increase foot traffic in the city as more people will start walking to and from the bus or train stations. To ensure that commuters are kept safe both on and off the buses and trains, walkways and cycling lanes will be constructed around the city. These walkways will be monitored at all times, allowing for community support in case of emergencies as well as deterring the possibility of convenience crimes.

Buses will use designated driving lanes that will operate independently from all other traffic modes. Only buses will be allowed to use these lanes and with scheduled times and routes, transport will run systematically. The bus lanes will also be constructed in the median of the roadway rather than alongside the kerb. Only trained and certified bus drivers will be allowed to operate in these lanes. All bus drivers will be taught how to handle the bus in emergencies and will undergo regular reviews on their performance. All busses and trains will be fitted with tracking devices to ensure that their whereabouts are known at all times.

All transport systems in the GO!Durban network will also be heavily guarded with strict identification processes. Through implementing reformed business and administrative structures, only official personnel will be granted access to the system’s functions. These safety measures will ensure that the network runs smoothly and is only ever operated by verified professionals at all times. Before boarding transport, passengers will go through a pre-boarding fare collection and fare verification process.

The current trains and busses will be upgraded in terms of their interior space, lighting, heating/cooling and safety systems, wheel fastening systems and bicycle carriers. All transportation will operate in accordance with manufacturer standards and will be renewed well within its lifespan. All new stations will be enclosed, secure, well-lit and accessible by all users. Trains and busses will be armed with silent alarms and operated by trained staff that have undergone emergency training. All transport will also be equipped with CCTV cameras. This ensures that passengers and drivers are surveyed at all times and action can be taken immediately should any emergency arise. Cameras will also be installed in the stations and along the non-motorised transport routes, as an additional safety measure for both passengers and pedestrians. Every control centre and station will have a direct line to emergency services.

GO!Durban has been designed in accordance with universal access. ‘Universal access’ is the term used for a transport design that accommodates the needs of many different passengers. GO!Durban transport features will be built for convenience and safety so as to prevent any accidents. Universal access applies to specially designed features for senior citizens, people with permanent physical limitations as well as temporary impairments, pregnant women, obesity, languages and more. The system will be wheelchair friendly and cater to other special needs such as those of the blind and deaf.

Muvo Cards are a safe and convenient fare system. By loading cash or trips to the card, the need to carry cash for transport will be eliminated. Each commuter will be given a PIN to ensure that the cash loaded to his/her card is safe against theft. Muvo Cards were introduced not only to provide convenience but to also address crimes commonly associated with public transport.

Safety is a primary concern for the GO!Durban system. The system will be run by dedicated and trained staff who are equipped to handle any emergency. Its infrastructure is designed to minimise road related accidents and create a safe environment for all, including those with special needs. GO!Durban is designing a safe, reliable and progressive transport system for the city of Durban