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Muvo Cards

The GO!Durban project consists of a range of rail, road and non-motorised transport networks that intertwine and connect areas in Durban. The Muvo Card is the fare management system implemented by the eThekwini Transport Authority in preparation for the GO!Durban system and is the publicís key to the entire public transport network.

These cards are the first EMV-certified (Europay, MasterCard and Visa) and NDoT-certified (National Department of Transport) smartcards worldwide. Technology such as Muvo Cards aid GO!Durbanís goal of creating a world-class public transport system.

Currently, Muvo Cards can be used on the People Mover, Durban Transport and Mynah busses in Durban. These cards are open to the public and require a short registration process. To apply for a Muvo Card, one needs their ID or driverís license and enough cash to purchase 10 trips to activate the card. During the application process the consumer will be asked to select a pin to prevent theft. The pin will also be used when buying and loading trips.

Muvo Cards have two separate functionalities; consumers can either load specific trips to the card or load cash. The cash value system can be used to pay for bus journeys and for products in stores that display the ďMuvo accepted hereĒ signage. Aboard the bus, card holders simply tap their cards against the Muvo Card reader and wait for four lights and a beep to indicate that the fare has been deducted. Buying and loading trips or cash is just as easy. Card users simply insert their cards into the card reader, type in their pin and specify the amount they want to load. A receipt will be printed to confirm the transaction and inform the consumer of their current balance.

Systems such as Muvo draw GO!Durban closer to the realisation of a world-class city. Each step of the GO!Durban process is managed by professional teams, who are equipped to achieve the projectís long-term goals. As the GO!Durban project develops, the Muvo Card system will be integrated into the various transport networks. By 2030 the Muvo Card will be the official fare management system used to travel throughout Durban.