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Breaking ground in Pinetown

GO!Durban’s holistic approach ensures that the project will not only improve the infrastructure of the city but also the lives of many citizens. When the Pinetown development started in 2008 the GO!Durban team began preparing the area for road work and relocated the informal occupants. Many of the locals went from living in informal housing to owning RDP homes – these were the first real homes for many of them. In just over five years the informal houses, trees, boulders and rubble have been removed and work on the roads have begun.

The Pinetown construction site marks the beginning of a massive transformation in the area and is one of the first areas where GO!Durban has made a visible change to the Durban landscape. The majority of traffic passing through the town will be directed along this route allowing for faster flowing traffic. There will be three stations on this corridor and a connecting bridge for pedestrians has already been built.

GO!Durban is starting to take shape and in the next few years more areas will start to see the physical changes the project is making to the city. The Pinetown construction is just one step in developing a world-class city.

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