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The GODurban! project has united several local and global transport professionals who are collaborating to ensure that the project runs smoothly and all common goals are achieved within the designated time frame. The following executives are leading the GO!Durban project.

Thami Manyathi

Head of eThekwini Transport Authority (ETA) and Integrated Rapid Public Transport Network (IRPTN).

Thami is also Head of Change Management, Marketing and Communication. His key responsibilities are to launch the brand communication to all stakeholders throughout the 6 year project period. The team is responsible for engaging with all key stakeholders identified in the project on all matters that are relevant to the successful implementation of the IRPTN.

Fleet Procurement will also be managed by Thami Manyathi. He will ensure that the vehicles envisaged for the eThekwini IRPTN meet operational, safety and value-added objectives by incorporating universal access elements, safety and security technologies.

Mabuyi Mhlanga

Mabuyi is the Head of Programme and Project Management Support. She will manage, control and organise the entire programme based on best practise and structured project management methodology.

Logan Moodley

Logan is Head of Infrastructure Planning. He is responsible for the conceptualisation and basic planning of the entire IRPTN system to meet the needs of the users.

Carlos Esteves

Carlos is the Head of Infrastructure roll-out. The infrastructure workstream is responsible for the finalisation of the preliminary design, detail design and construction of the hardened elements i.e. roadways, stations, depots, Traffic Management Centre and any other facilities required for the IRPTN system to operate.

Andrew Aucamp

Andrew is Head of Intelligent Transport System and Integrated Fare Management System. This department will provide convenient and user-friendly electronic payment methods and real-time information to passengers.

Mlungisi Wosiyana

Mlungisi is Head of Public Transport Operations and Industry Transformation. It is Mlungisi’s role to refine operational plans for Phase 1 of the IRPTN, prepare service contract documentation and review existing public service contracts.

SS Nxumalo

Nxumalo is Head of the Municipal Regulatory Entity, Safety, Security and Incident Management departments. His role is to oversee the developers of safety and security strategies and the implementation plans aimed at promoting public transport and the IRPTN systems as a safe and reliable mode of travel.

Japhet Mkhabela

Japhet is Head of Skills Development. Japhet is responsible for all skills development requirements of the project. Existing skills levels will be determined with input from all the worksteams, skills gap analysis will be done. A training plan and recruitment strategy will also be developed.

Manoj Rampersad

Manoj is Head of Sustainability and Integrated Corridor Development. He will provide an overarching sustainability strategy that integrates environmental, social and economic concerns as part of the business logic of the ETA.