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Durban has the potential to be the most liveable and sustainable city in Africa. GO!Durban is the public transport system that will turn this concept into a reality. Durban is already one of the leading tourism destinations in South Africa and with the added convenience of a public transport system, the tourism industry will continue to grow and spotlight the significance of the city. GO!Durban is a system that will revolutionise Durban as we know it and form a city that is sustainable and technologically advanced.

GO!Durban is the term, and brand, used to refer to Durban’s very own Integrated Rapid Public Transport Network. The project involves state-of-the-art transportation, professional city planners and several other highly skilled workstreams collaborating to ensure that the project runs smoothly and that common goals are achieved within the designated timeframe.

GO!Durban’s transport plan has four main phases that entail the development of corridors. A ‘corridor’ is the term used for a main road or rail that connects two main suburbs. The bus or road corridors will also include feeder routes that transport people from the main road to suburb stations and direct lines that transport people from the stations to residential and business areas. Each phase has been carefully planned to generate world-class results within the designated timeframe. By 2030 the city will be completely transformed with stations, roads, rail and bus lines interlinked to conveniently connect different parts of the city.

GO!Durban believes in integrating departments and has been designed to utilise every aspect of the project to its full potential. GO!Durban has explored additional uses for the space occupied by the bus and train stations, to benefit the city infrastructure as well as provide new job opportunities. Stations will become dynamic, mixed-use developments that are built for additional purposes such as shops, businesses or homes. The main stations in the GO!Durban project will become public centers that facilitate jobs, improve the lifestyles of Durban’s citizens and adhere to an ethos of sustainability through creating additional uses of the spaces they occupy.

Advanced public transport will provide new opportunities for travelling long distances throughout the city, making new possibilities for employment available to all. Safety management teams have been appointed to the project and are working towards implementing CCTV (Closed Circuit Television Cameras) throughout the city and on the buses and trains. These cameras will have a direct line to emergency care and will monitor any transport issues to ensure that standby transport is available for passengers. With an advanced fare management system already available (the Muvo Card), commuters are able to experience the convenience and benefits of the public transport system as it develops.

GO!Durban will not only create a better transport network within the city, but also vastly improve the city itself. The new transport network will lessen the need for cars, creating a more eco-friendly and sustainable solution for transport. Bus stations will be found throughout the city, within walking distance of wherever people may be situated and trains will provide a more convenient option for long distance travelling. All stations will also be supported by the non-motorised transport system. The non-motorised transport system consists of cycling lanes and walkways that prevent road related accidents by providing pedestrians with designated paths.

GO!Durban is the future of Durban. It is the realisation of a safer, sustainable and more liveable city for locals as well as visitors. By 2030 GO!Durban will shape the city into a globally recognized, world-class destination.