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Economic advancement through GO!Durban – Ella Zulu, Director – QEDA

Ellah’s story is truly a inspiring one. At 58, she is the director of her own construction company: QEDA. At 17 Ellah suffered a tragic spinal injury that left her wheelchair-bound. Determined to rise above her disability, she obtained a Diploma in a Business Administration and founded QEDA in 2006. Since then, she has been involved n several construction projects within her community.

Through GO!Durban project QEDA was awarded a small storm water sub-contract. Impressed by her commitment and tenacity Phayindani Joint Venture, the main contractor on a section of the C3, provided Ellah with further mentorship. Soon after, management decided to include her in a formal programme. This afforded Ellah the opportunity to win another sub-contract. This time for a portion of the sidewalks. QEDA has since grown from strength to strength, with the continued support of the Joint Venture management team.

When asked about the challenges she faces, Ellah spoke of the judgement she faced from her male counterparts. Far from discouraging her, their negativity fueled her determination.

“It was really tough for me but I was determined to grow my business. I felt supported and well mentored by the Joint Venture. My staff made me really proud, and we delivered! I am so pleased to have experienced this as it has given me an opportunity to develop my small business.”

Fortunately, after the success of her projects, she was able to buy a Bantam bakkie making her more mobile. When she began the contract QEDA’s industry grading was at level 1. Since then, QEDA has attained a level 3 grading, enabling her to take on bigger contracts.




GO!Durban Cycle Academy to host qualifier for Pump Track World Championship

The 5thleg of the inaugural Red Bull Pump Track World Championship series is set to take place in Durban, KwaZulu Natal on Saturday, 28 April 2018. The South African qualifier round will be hosted by the GO!Durban Cycle Academy and Durban Green Corridors at the KwaDabeka bike park, where they have recently built the first Velosolutions pump track in the province.

The circuit is designed to be “ridden” without the need for pedalling as riders create momentum around the track with their up and down “pumping” body movements.

“We are thrilled to have partnered with Velosolutions and Claudio Caluori to bring this exciting event to Durban and we are proud to be the South African representatives in the global series. The aim of the GO!Durban Cycle Academy is to inspire and motivate the youth through sport. Together with Durban Green Corridors, we are transforming previously disregarded or unusable areas into clean, accessible and safe spaces for the youth to engage in active learning through our youth development programme which includes sports, education, and life skills components,” says Thami Manyathi, Head of the eThekwini Transport Authority.

“When we first heard about Claudio Caluori’s concept for an international Pump Track series, we immediately knew that our sites would be the ideal place to build a track as we already had the space and basic infrastructure available. By bringing the track and the qualifying event to Durban, we hope to encourage more community participation in cycling and to further promote a lifestyle of active mobility amongst all ages,” says Shaun Peschl, Sports Director of the GO!Durban Cycle Academy.

With athletes coming from across the country to participate in the hopes of winning the coveted first prize including a trip to the Red Bull Pump Track World Championship Finals, it is sure to be a day of fast-paced, nail-biting competition.  The racing line-up will also include riders and coaches from the GO!Durban Cycle Academy who are eager to display their skills on home-ground.

“It is important for us to not only host such events, but also to give our riders the opportunity to participate at an international level. We have no doubt that they will be competitive on the day and will make us proud.” Peschl concludes. Entertainment will be on offer for spectators including a food and drinks garden, and the racing will be followed by a line-up of hot local DJ’s on the Red Bull stage.

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GO!Durban Prepares to Kick-start Service in Latter Half of 2018

This year marks a significant milestone for the City as the eThekwini Municipality prepares for the much-anticipated start of service of the first route of the new GO!Durban integrated public transport network from Pinetown’s CBD to KwaMashu’s Bridge City.

Aligned to the eThekwini Municipality’s vision to be Africa’s most caring and liveable city by 2030, this integrated network of public transport will give people access to places and opportunities in a manner never before experienced in Durban. Once the service begins in the latter part of 2018, the new system will provide commuters a world-class transport solution, which will get them to their destination safely, on time and at affordable rates.

The first route, which features a dedicated road lane only accessed by the new state-of-the-art GO!Durban buses, runs from Anderson Street in Pinetown’s CBD to Bridge City in KwaMashu utilising the provincial road MR577 (Dumisani Makhaye).

“The new transport system is a game-changer for the City,” says Her Worship, the Mayor Councillor Zandile Gumede. “Globally we have seen how transport systems, have worked to improve the liveability of a city and unlock economic and social opportunities. So our first provision of a route in an area so in need of opportunities and development, is very exciting.”


“This has been, and still remains one of the important catalytic programmes we have embarked on, and it has come with a sea of visionaries, experts, planners, contractors and labour who have been working tirelessly to deliver the prototype for the future. As part of the overall process of providing a new safe and reliable system, current public transport operator leadership and our City’s leadership are planning how they will participate and integrate into the new system for the benefit of all stakeholders.”

Areas and precincts along the route have begun to attract investors and interest in developments, as the transport network now has the potential to attract critical mass to stimulate economic growth. Along the routes, upgrades of urban precinct nodes with new lighting, street furniture and landscaping, have already begun to alter the way in which people use these spaces, making for much more user-friendly and safer environments.

“Our message to citizens, from commuters, operators and businesses – small, medium and large, is that as a city we can deliver the infrastructure and systems, but ultimately it is yours to embrace, look after and utilise for the betterment of all. This is a legacy project which means getting around the City and accessing opportunities will continue to improve, and in that there is enormous hope.”

“The City will be embarking on a communication campaign in the second quarter of 2018 to create awareness of how the new system will work, so that by the time it begins, commuters fully understand how to use it,” says Cllr Gumede.