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Community Engagement in Ward 54

The eThekwini Municipality is to hold a community engagement to present the plans and progress for GO!Durban, the City’s new integrated rapid public transport network in Ward 54 on Sunday, March 19 at 10:00am to 12:00pm at Newtown C Community Hall, C795 Umshado Road, Inanda.

The Ward Councillor and officials of the eThekwini Transport Authority will host the engagement in this ward, which is affected by the construction of the dedicated bus lane on the first route of GO!Durban that runs from Bridge City in KwaMashu to the Pinetown CBD.

The new GO!Durban public transport network will provide a safer, more efficient and affordable public transport system for all the people of the city, linking areas and spaces which have in the past been difficult to access through divisive urban planning.

“We urge residents and business-owners, and workers – all stakeholders in this ward, to attend the meeting to find out more about GO!Durban and how it will ultimately benefit us all,” says Mayor of eThekwini Municipality, Cllr Zandile Gumede. “It is also important that stakeholders also learn about the empowerment opportunities that are available in terms of contracts, employment and skills development that are being provided. This engagement is one way in which we can keep citizens updated in the work we are doing. People attending will be able to question, raise concerns and resolve issues, where possible, with our officials from the project, who will be in attendance.”

“We invite our citizens to work together with us as we move forward – this is one of the most significant infrastructural projects ever to be undertaken by the City and it goes a long way to help make our City one of Africa’s most caring and liveable city.”

The engagement will take place from 10:00am to 12:00pm in Ward 54 at Newtown C Community Hall, C795 Umshado Road, Inanda

Pinetown community meeting GO!Durban



Public Meeting Pinetown 08/03/2017

A public meeting to discuss future planning and consultation for the development of an upgraded Pinetown CBD precinct will be held at the Pinetown Civic Centre on Wednesday, March 8 at 5.30pm to 7.30pm. Residents, ratepayers, business-owners, people working and all interested are invited to attend the meeting.
Now as the GO!Durban dedicated bus lanes are nearing completion, the eThekwini Municipality is embarking on a consultation process to discuss the urban design upgrades of the area.
The upgrade forms part of a greater vision for the City together with the development of the bus rapid transit lanes and new road systems in Pinetown for the first phase of GO!Durban which will link the CBD to KwaMashu’s Bridge City. Pinetown residents and business owners, shoppers and workers, can also look forward to a vastly improved urban environment, which would ultimately be a major catalyst to stimulate the economy in this area.

The meeting takes place at the Pinetown Civic Centre on Wednesday, March 8 at 5.30pm to 7.30pm and is open to all.

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New Traffic Signalling in Pinetown



New Traffic Signalling in Pinetown

New traffic signalling has been installed along Josiah Gumede and Qashana Khuzwayo Roads in Pinetown and New Germany which will come into full use when the GO!Durban bus rapid transit system along the new dedicated bus lanes becomes operational next year.

The public using these roads are urged to familiarize themselves as to how the new signals now work. Going forward buses travelling in the dedicated bus lanes will be turning into and out of Anderson, Qashana and Dinkelman Roads and crossing intersections along Josiah Gumede Avenue and Qashana Khuzawyo Road.

The sign (white arrow on a black background) above a traffic signal head indicates the movement controlled by that traffic signal face (red/amber/green). When the green arrow signals are displayed only those particular movements are permitted. Whenever a red signal is displayed then the movement indicated by the sign above it is not permitted.

The traffic signal face with the green arrows pointing up and left indicates only straight through and left turn movements are permitted.

The traffic signal face with the green arrow pointing right indicates only right turn movements are permitted.

The larger traffic signal face, which has a sign above it reading Bus, will only be active when the bus operations start and these faces permit only the buses to proceed. For now these bus traffic signal faces are covered and/or are switched off – but are all inactive.
“We urge drivers and pedestrians to heed the new signal systems and get use to them in time for when the new buses becomes operational,” says Carlos Esteves, Head of Road System Management at the eThekwini Transport Authority. “The signals are simple to follow but are unfamiliar at the moment, so we call on everyone to proceed with caution and mindfulness.”