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ECR House and Garden Show

Over the past 33 years the East Coast Radio House and Garden Show has showcased some of South Africa’s best local companies and projects. Up to 90 000 visitors walk through the 300 exhibition stands over the course of 10 days. This show was the perfect opportunity to introduce Durban residents to the GO!Durban project.

Situated between the thriving local businesses, the GO!Durban activation bus became a hub of excitement as local residents found out more about the future of their city. Passersby were also encouraged to take photos at the GO!Durban photobooth and share them from the GO!Durban Facebook page.

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ETA Diversity Day

To celebrate the diverse cultures that work together in eThekwini’s transport department the ETA decided to dedicate Diversity Day to knowing more about each other. The day’s activities were based onHuman Rights and their role in respecting one another regardless of race, religion, status, culture and more. Diversity is an important role in ETA’s structure and ensures that each individual is valued for their unique contribution to the team.




Phase one construction update

Construction for corridor C3 has started for the GO!Durban project and residents in the area can already see changes to the retaining wall on Beviss Road in front of Highway College. Further changes include the widening of the underpass on Beviss Road in preparation for the meridian Bus Rapid Transport lane.

In addition to these changes a new traffic light system is being installed at the intersection between Oppenheimer and Beviss road. These traffic lights became a necessity when the Principal of Highway College noted the high number of accidents in this area. These traffic lights aim to prevent any further incidents along this route.

Highway college construction image 2