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On the road to construction

Construction of GO!Durban, the eThekwini Municipality’s new integrated rapid public transport network is well underway with the development of the C3 corridor from Bridge City, in KwaMashu, to Pinetown CBD, in the first phase of the project.

The first corridor or trunk route is due to be operational in 2016. Construction has started on the dedicated public transport lanes on the MR577, a provincial road, which links KwaMashu to Pinetown. Construction has also started on Josiah Gumede Road in Pinetown CBD. This trunk route will accommodate 18 transfer stations and 24 kilometres of dedicated lanes.

Seventy-one articulated buses will have right of way directly along the corridor, ensuring that passengers have an efficient commute, free of congestion and delays.  There is a terminal at Bridge City in KwaMashu and the buses will turn at Lahee Park and return to KwaMashu.

“Commuters, business-owners, workers and residents in these areas are urged to find alternate routes, or to ensure they allow for more time on the road to get to their destinations during this construction phase,” requests Thami Manyathi, Head of eThekwini Transport Authority.

“As we roll out this exciting new network for our citizens, we see the tangible development of what a few years ago was only a dream,” says Mayor of eThekwini Municipality, Cllr James Nxumalo. “If the City is to achieve higher rates of growth in economic development, address unemployment and inequality, we need a vastly improved public transport system that will bring about far reaching benefits for public transport users and all residents and visitors in the City.”

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Believe Tree collects the dreams of a greener Durban

GO!Durban, the City’s new integrated rapid public transport network has created a fantastical “Believe Tree” for the Sustainable Living Expo at the Durban Exhibition Centre which starts today 22/08/2014.

The Sustainable Living Expo aligns with one of the most important aspects of the Integrated Rapid Public Transport (IRPTN) roll out – future sustainability of the city through efficient, safe and affordable public transport. The “tree” has been created as a symbol of hope and dreams for the future of an environmentally friendly and sustainable Durban. Visitors to the Expo are encouraged to write their hopes and dreams on a leaf and place it on the “tree”. For every leaf “planted” on the tree, GO!Durban will plant a corresponding real living indigenous tree in areas most in need of greening along the different  IRPTN corridors.




New station designed around historical trees

GO!Durban, the Ethekwini Municipality’s new Integrated Rapid Public Transport Network (IRPTN) is currently under construction in Pinetown. As part of developing a station and a dedicated bus median on Josiah Gumede Road, thirteen beautiful trees were originally earmarked to be removed. The Ethekwini Transport Authority,  however, through its consulting teams engaged with the National Heritage Council, AMAFA and several other role players and stakeholders to find a solution to save these trees.

The IRPTN layout and location of the station was duly revised and the end result is that eleven trees will be saved. Two Natal Fig trees in front of the Library on Josiah Gumede will unfortunately have to be removed in the weeks to come to create space for these dedicated bus lanes and station.

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