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GO!Durban Construction Scoops National Accolades

Recently, the eThekwini Municipality received an award and commendation for two projects at the annual South African Institute of Civil Engineers(SAICE) Awards gala event for Most Outstanding Civil Engineering Achievements for 2016/2017.

SAICE received almost 60 project entries from across the country to compete for these prestigious awards. It included awards for international and technical excellence, as well as community-based projects.

On the back of receiving the highly recommended regional award for technical excellence earlier this year, the eThekwini Municipality won the national “Herrenknecht Technical Excellence Award” for the M25- C9 Underpass, which links KwaMashu to Phoenix Industrial at the start of the GO!Durban bus rapid transit (BRT) C9 route to Umhlanga Ridge.

In its citation SAICE said: “The underpass has been designed to provide passage for both dedicated busways and ordinary traffic, to eliminate the need for a second route across the M25 at another location. The project is also of significant architectural value and substantially improves the aesthetic appearance of the surrounding environment. The interchange provides an essential connection between a cluster of new Bridge City developments and the Phoenix Industrial area, while threading an entirely new transport system through the city’s existing infrastructure.”

Another section of the GO!Durban C3 route (KwaMashu to Pinetown), the provincial Main Road 577 through KwaDabeka Valley, a joint project between SANRAL and the eThekwini Municipality, was given a commendation at the ceremony.

SAICE’s citation said: “The project consisted of the construction of drainage, earthworks, a reinforced soil retaining structure and rock-fall protection on Main Road (MR) 577, which was developed as a link between residential areas to the north of the uMngeni River and economic opportunities to the south. The intricacy of the original design required expert engineering judgement, integrating the geometric requirements of a four-lane arterial road into complex and challenging terrain. The final section up the KwaDabeka Valley displays both the art and science of civil engineering and is easily seen and appreciated by anyone who travels the road. The MR 577 reduces the travel distance for commuters between KwaMashu and Pinetown by 12 kilometres and provides a vital regional additional crossing of the uMngeni River.”

The integrated public transport network will eventually link Durban through eight dedicated bus lanes and a rail route.




Celebrating National Disability Rights Awareness Month

November 3 was the official launch of Disability Rights Awareness Month in South Africa. The national launch took place in eThekwini in partnership with, among others, the KwaZulu-Natal Provincial Government and eThekwini Metro. With the focus for the launch falling on affirming the rights of young persons with intellectual disabilities, the programme focused on two organisations whose mandate is to promote, protect and uphold the rights of persons with intellectual disabilities, i.e. the Durban Coastal and Mental Health (DCMH) and Special Olympics.





EThekwini Municipality ended October Transport Month, on a high note by conducting spot heavy vehicle inspections on the busy M7 freight corridor on 31 October. This is one of many planned operations to promote road safety in the City on an ongoing basis.

The joint hour-long operation, on both the M7 east and west bound, was conducted by Metro Police officers, the Road Traffic Inspectorate (RTI) and officials from the eThekwini Transport Authority (ETA). The successful operation saw the suspension of 10 articulated trucks and 55 normal prosecutions for a range of offences including worn tyres, unlicensed drivers and vehicles and defective windscreen wipers. Three of the trucks did not have working braking systems and had to be towed to a safe place. A number of private vehicles were also pulled over to inspect their roadworthiness during the operation.

Logan Moodley, Deputy Head of the ETA, said with the suspension of the trucks, their licence discs and operator cards were removed. They would have to reregister the vehicle as well as undergo a certificate of roadworthiness test.

“This is a time consuming process for business owners. Also a licence for a heavy duty truck costs between R8 000 to R12 000. The suspension affects the productivity of the company. We want to show truck owners that we mean business about ensuring their vehicles are roadworthy. It was a job well done today,” Moodley said.

EThekwini Deputy Mayor Fawzia Peer attended the operation and praised the efforts of officers and officials.

“Today is the last day of Transport Month so it is appropriate for this operation to be held. I am glad that this operation encourages road safety and encourages road awareness.”

She said truck owners needed to be held liable if their vehicles were not roadworthy.

“I have seen some of the defects of the trucks and it is shocking. The safety of all drivers is affected and could result in innocent people losing their lives. While heavy duty vehicles play an important role in logistics and the transporting of goods, safety must be prioritised,” Councillor Peer said.

She requested that monthly updates on the number of vehicles pulled over and checked and the names those fined be submitted to her as Chairperson of the Security and Emergency Services Committee. Furthermore she said a proposal to establish a specialised task team of Metro Police officers to carry out these operations be submitted. The team will receive special training to further carry out these duties.

Daniel Harillal, also from the ETA, said the operation was conducted on the M7 freight corridor both east and west bound as it is the busiest fright corridor.

“This is not the end of our enforcement operations. It is ongoing and will be spreading to other freight corridors. Our focus is on heavy duty vehicles. We have a strategic partnership with Metro Police, RTI and the South African National Roads Agency Limited for these operations,” he said.