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Non-Motorised Transport Programme rolls out alongside GO!Durban

“This is a City for People not a City for cars”, was the message given by His Worship the Mayor of the eThekwini Municipality, Councillor James Nxumalo, echoing the vision of the City of Curitiba, Brazil, at the launch of the City’s Non-Motorised Transport Network today at the Green Hub in Durban. He reaffirmed the City’s “commitment for the development of public transport infrastructure plans to harness people power to propel themselves forward.”

Most cities in the world that have improved their transportation infrastructure by creating sustainable integrated rapid public transport networks have included a Non-Motorised Transport component. This includes all means of transport that are “human powered” like walking, and cycling, and variants such as roller skates, skateboards, push scooters and hand carts, as well as wheelchair travel, but also includes “animal powered” such as horse and carriage drawn transport.

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