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Newlands Expressway Interchange

The eThekwini Municipality is in the process of dramatically improving publictransport within the City of Durban. The overall goal is to improve the quality of lifefor the citizens of Durban through the construction of a world class integrated rapidpublic transport network (IRPTN). Forming part of the network is Route C3, whichwill connect the areas of Bridge City, KwaMashu and Pinetown with one another.

Group Five/PANDEV JV Construction have been appointed for the construction of aportion of IRPTN Route C3. This section is approximately 4.5km long and extendsalong MR577 from just west of the Umgeni viaduct to the east of the MR577/InandaRoad intersection. Included in the scope of works is the construction of NewlandsExpressway Interchange. The proposed Newlands Expressway Interchangeis situated nearby the existing MR577/Newlands Expressway intersection. Theproposed interchange will replace the existing intersection when complete andwill include three ramps and a bridge.

The total construction period of the contract will extend for an estimated 23months. Construction on the Inanda Road/MR577 intersection commenced on26 May 2014. Construction for the MR577/Newlands Expressway Interchangecommenced on 9 February 2015.

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