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Bus coupons discontinued

Durban commuters using public transport can look forward to a swifter, more efficient and safer payment method as the deadline to change to a new cashless card system looms.

The bus coupons that have been used on the Durban Transport and Mynah busses since the early 90’s will be discontinued on 1 April 2014 and replaced with the Muvo Card – the city’s new cashless Smartcard. Muvo Cards will be the official integrated fare management system used on all public transport in the GO!Durban project.

“The card was launched in July 2012 and was gradually phased in across all regions” says Thami Manyathi, Head of the eThekwini Transport Authority. “This gradual approach enabled the project team to bed down operational and system teething problems and the system is now operating well with 32 000 commuters having already “moved over to Muvo.”

Muvo Cards are a progressive step towards modernising the current transport system. The card is a single Smartcard that can be used across all three of Durban’s primary bus lines: the Durban Transport, Mynah and People Mover busses. By loading cash to the Muvo Card, users are able to travel to central and greater Durban areas using the interchanging routes travelled by these buses. The card has been designed with two main choices, to either load cash or load specific trips.

For enquiries about the Muvo Card call  080 000 6886 or SMS your name and a short description of your question to the free of charge SMS line 44524 and one of our brand ambassadors will call you back.

For a full list of Muvo PayPoints visit the Muvo website: www.muvo.co.za and for the official press release please visit: http://godurban.co.za/category/media/

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