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Avoca Hills road deviation

The eThekwini Municipality is in the process of dramatically improving public transport within the City of Durban. The overall goal is to improve the quality of life for the citizens of Durban through the construction of a world class integrated rapid public transport network (IRPTN). Forming part of the network is Route C3, which will connect the areas of Bridge City and Pinetown with one another.

Stefanutti Stocks Five and Only Development Consortium have been appointed for the construction of a portion of IRPTN Route C3. This section is approximately 4.2km long and extends along the MR577 from KwaMashu in the west to the MR577 / M25 intersection to the east. Included in the scope of works is the construction of a BRT bus station situated at the intersection of Avoca Hills Drive and the MR577.

In order to allow for the construction of the BRT station, traffic flow will be rerouted as follows: Eastbound traffic on the MR577 will temporarily be diverted onto the westbound carriageway as from Monday, 15th of February 2016 and a termination detour date (estimated) of Wednesday, 15th June 2016

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