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Memorandum of Agreement



Memorandum of Agreement between eThekwini Metropolitan Municipality and the bus operators

The Memorandum of Agreement was signed by the City Manager Sibusiso Sithole and Bus Operators represented by the Durban Bus Owners’ Association (BOA), The KwaZulu-Natal Bus Council (KWANABUCO) and the South African Bus Owners’ Association (SABOA).

In 2011, the City started engagements with the leadership of the current public transport industry to be part of a consultation process to discuss their participation in GO!Durban’s operations. The Bus Operators’ MOA will see continued discussion around the contracts for the Bus Operators who will become invested shareholders in the vehicle operating companies (VOC’s) of the IRPTN, together with the mini-bus taxi industry.

Since the launch of GO!Durban, the City has been committed to introducing a new public transport system in partnership with affected public transport operators, including the mini-bus taxi industry with an MOA signed between them and the City in February 2014.

His Worship the Mayor James Nxumalo said at the signing. “Today marks a significant milestone in terms of the rollout of this massive infrastructural programme which will benefit all the people in the City. Operators whose routes will be affected by the GO!Durban operations will have the opportunity to be included in vehicle operating companies, with which the City would negotiate and enter into a contract to operate the services as outlined in the NLTA.”

He explained that the City “is committed to negotiating with these operators with a view of contracts to a maximum of 12 years being awarded, in accordance with the National Land Transport Act, Act No 5 of 2009.”

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eThekwini Safe Schools Project



eThekwini Safe Schools Project

An international road safety campaign is being piloted in eight schools in eThekwini, focusing on improving safety in and around these schools.

The eThekwini Safe Schools Project- Road Safety Campaign is a public-private partnership between eThekwini Municipality and the Global Road Safety Partnership (GRSP).

The campaign, being piloted in eight primary schools within eThekwini, focuses on improving road safety in and around these schools by introducing safe road infrastructure to and from school, road safety education for pupils and a teacher training package. This training equips teachers with the relevant road safety knowledge to be shared in their schools as well as extending this information to parents and communities.

The foundation for this project was laid in 2006, when eThekwini Transport Authority officials began visiting schools throughout the City, recording accident data, providing interactive road safety demonstrations and supporting educational material as well as upgrading infrastructure by providing sidewalks and other traffic calming measures on roads near schools.

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Deviation at St Johns and Josiah Gumede intersection

Please be advised of the temporary road deviation at the St John’s Bridge and Josiah Gumede intersections in Pinetown with effect from 07:00, Saturday 04 June 2016 to 17:00, Sunday 05 June 2016. Motorists traveling along Josiah Gumede Road, needing to enter the M19, and vice versa, will only be able to do so until 12:00 (midday) on Saturday, 04 June 2016. Thereafter motorists are requested to consider alternate routes.

Signage will be provided, directing motorists to alternate routes onto the M19 from Josiah Gumede Road. Motorists needing to travel along Josiah Gumede Road towards School Road or Beviss Road, will do so within the new GO!Durban bus lanes, which run under the bridge at the St Johns intersection.

Access to various residential and business areas along Josiah Gumede will be possible as flag men will be available to guide traffic in and out of these sections.

Your patience and understanding is appreciated.

For more information on the construction work please call 073 293 5144. (Business hours)